P1100293Thanks for reading my style blog! I started this weekly journal in an effort to demonstrate my styling philosophy and share my favorite fashion finds with friends, clients, and the world.  My hope is that this blog is less of a fashion diary but instead focuses on how my readers can apply trends and style outfits that will make the best use out of their clothes while enhancing their personal aesthetic.  I also throw in a heavy dose of shopping wisdom; focusing on my favorite trends and stores, and offering great deals and advice on how to make new pieces your own.

P1090774My love of fashion began at an early age when I would scour discount racks with my mom and three sisters looking for great deals and interesting new accessories.  Shopping and styling (often playing dress-up in other’s closets) was a way of connecting with my family and friends and has grown into a lifelong passion.  For years, I have enthusiastically helped friends shop for special occasions and organize and style their wardrobes.

When a former co-worker offered to pay me to help her shop, I formally began my business as a wardrobe and style consultant.  Subsequently, I have worked with numerous clients throughout the Seattle-area; partnering with them to understand their lifestyles, personalities, and aspirations.  Together we then create a wardrobe that captures and enhances their unique style.  My goal is always to provide a range of fashion options that resonates with each unique individual.  I am a strong believer that the clothes and accessories that we wear tell a story about who we are or who we want to be.  Most importantly, your wardrobe should capture your mood; helping you to feel confident and comfortable.

To learn more about my styling services, please visit my website at www.jenniferlovin.com

P1090401When not shopping online and reading fashion magazines, I serve as the part-time chauffeur, chef, coach, and conductor for my three young children. My husband and I spend our free-time renovating our 1905 home and thinking up new and interesting ways of entertaining our rambunctious family.

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One Comment on “About”

  1. Karin Thompson
    February 21, 2014 at 3:53 pm #

    Congratulations, Jennifer on your wonderful website!! I am enjoying looking at all of your pictures (good job, John!) and appreciating your wonderful sense of style. Although I am still working in the dental field ( to this day your Dad continues to be my favorite employer) I am also working at White House Black Market & understand how important creating the ” right look” is to a woman’s self esteem.

    I wish you all the best and will continue to follow your blog.

    Karin Thompson
    ( employee of Owen Nichols, DDS 1980-1999)

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